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We are a community of university students around the world. We offer students who desire to learn beyond the norm the possibility to do so. Our mission is to create a quality learning environment that encourages individuals to discuss ideas, share knowledge and exchange perspectives while ensuring respect among them. We highly value each member of our community, we are eager to learn from what each one has to share. We incentivize them to be the best version of themselves, to get out of their comfort zone.

We believe that such a globalized world allows us to deliver an innovative bonhomie that will make people improve their interpersonal and communication skills through our signature video calls. Face to face spontaneous conversations have never been as fulfilling as the ones you will experience within our community. Go Halfway and let's meet in the middle.

Our Topics

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How it works

Step 1

Halfway gains recognition and people´s trust by associating with universities. This creates an environment ruled by quality conversations.

Step 2

Universities get promoted worldwide while other students are incentivized to future exchange programs.

Step 3

Students have the opportunity to expand their networking globally, to learn in an entertained way, to exchange perspectives and to develop their social skills.

Our Topics

Connect in one of these Topics


With our academic section we want to give our members the opportunity to exchange with other students enrolled at similar careers in universities around the world, to be able to learn how they do certain things differently, and discuss a variety of topics and methodologies. Furthermore, we are also looking for symbiosis within students from different careers. This section gives professors the opportunity to harness from new variables regarding assignments and students to find out about peculiar interests.


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Be Social

With our social section we want students to get out of their comfort zone, because it is a challenge to speak to a stranger, but it shouldn't be. We want to live in a community of interesting and fulfilling conversations, of sharing much more than just pictures and likes. We want you to share your favorite book, your best party experience, your traveling destinations, your hobbies, music and movies, food and recipes. We want you to develop in a way that will let you start a conversation naturally with anyone, whether you are on the street, at work or at a party.

We want to build a community in which everyone values each other's experiences, talents and perspectives. A few minutes of face to face exchange are worth more than weeks of planned texting, which preclude students from being absolutely themselves. Face to face promotes authentic behavior and natural reactions.


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Universities are our partners, these institutions provide us with recognition in the academic world. Which is the reason why students prefer to use our platform over other options, they trust us and can be sure that we´ll grant a safe environment to maximize their learning experience.

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